Guest Blog

USSI’s guest blog is a safe space created for travel nurses to share their stories and thoughts about travel nursing.

We understand life on the road is exciting, eye-opening, but also a little lonely sometimes. Share your amazing story with the world about your fascinating vocation.

Our Contributors:

Nurse Kelley Johnson – Miss Colorado 2015, USSI Brand Ambassador, Nurse Advocate. Nurse Kelley is currently in the process of getting her Doctorate Degree in Nursing.

Mona – USSI Nurse Advocate, free Licensure assistance to Nurses. Mona has been working in the Travel Nursing industry for over 20 years and has helped many Nurses acquired their Out-Of-State Licensure smoothly. She is approved by many States’ BON as a Nurse Advocate who offer free Licensure assistance to Nurses with no obligation.

Logan – Owner of FitRN group, senior USSI recruiter, fitness guru.

Brittany Romines – Licensed Practical Nurse, experienced traveler. She is the owner of the blog the gypsy lpn and are currently traveling with her fiance Dewitt, her 2 dogs Nero & Ovie, and their RV.

Patricia aka Godzdesign – An aspiring Nurse and Youtuber. She serves a Nurse leadership position at a Hospital in New York. Travel Nursing is her passion and opened up new career opportunities for her.

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