Rebecca Clapper- USSI Experience

My name is Rebecca, a Registered Nurse from Maine; I’m proud to be a Travel RN with USSI! 

As an RN with 4 years of experience, 2 years in med-surg and 2 years in a small local ER, I was burnt out. I questioned being a nurse and why I ever chose this career. One of my coworkers used USSI and told me to give being a travel nurse a try. USSI and Leanne made finding a contract easy, stress free and exciting. I was never pushed to take an assignment. I was given full in-depth knowledge of the assignment, and all me questions were answered in depth. From filling out all the pre forms, to Heath screenings, to day to day questions I have felt nothing but support and teamwork from Leanne and USSI! I have found my love for nursing again, taking on new and exciting challenges and learning new things. I look forward to my future assignments and working with Leanne and USSI! 

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