My Travel Nursing Story

By Kamonchanok Gulgalkhai (Poppy)

My name is Poppy and Kevin is my husband. We are travel nurses. We started doing travel nursing in October of 2017 and we are currently on our second assignment in Northern California. Before we become travel nurses, we worked as staff nurses in South Florida. Kevin dreamed of becoming a travel nurse ever since he was a nursing student, but the dream kinda faded away after we got permanent positions. We bought our first house and we planned to grow our family.


One passion we never gave up on was traveling. We always found ourselves in National Parks on our vacation. We took things more seriously by purchasing a RV and we traveled up and down Florida during the summer of 2017. This started the conversation of becoming travel nurses, we originally thought we would take 2 years to prepare for travel nursing but the travel bug had bite hard and we realized that there were no barriers we could not overcome to start sooner. We left Florida in September 2017, took a month off to see the country on our way to Southern California. We learned along way about RVing and travel nursing.


Travel nursing can be challenging but also rewarding. There are going to be things we don’t like or things we miss, but that is okay because we don’t live in a perfect world. We won’t let little things ruin the whole experience of travel nursing. Everything is so temporary and we can do anything for 13 weeks. We have done so much the past months, we tried snowboarding, RV camping in Joshua Tree National Park, and hiking in Zion National Park for new year. Now, we’re in NorCal. We’re excited to see Yosemite.

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