The USSI marketing team headed to Las Vegas, Nevada to meet some of our favorite people, travel nurses!

We are always looking to improve the travel nurse experience here at USSI, and we figured there was no better way to do that than ask travel nurses themselves what they still need from this industry. We were also interested in hearing from nurses who are already traveling or looking to travel about why they chose to and what they need to continue. We felt this information could not only assist our service, but also provide information for those seeking to travel in their career.

We received various responses from many travel nurses about their experience and ultimately learned that nurses travel for many different reasons and it is important to respect their values and choices when recruiting them to an agency. It is also important to note that travel nurses are looking for an amazing relationship with their recruiter. The recruiter-nurse relationship is crucial in the success and enjoyment of the travel nurse’s assignment. It is also vital that the nurse knows her agency is being honest and transparent. From these interviews we learned that a travel nurse can typically identify if they are being told the truth upfront or being “sold” on something fabricated and rarely choose to work with companies that are all about the sale. They are looking for appropriate pay and attentive assistance when figuring out housing, stipends, etc. At the end of the day, nurses are people who appreciate integrity, compassion, and being looked after.

The Vegas trip taught us here at USSI many new things about the industry and how we can improve to make it better for our nurses, but ultimately, it taught us that travel nurses are people we are sincerely grateful for and are happy to serve.

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