Test Taking 101

That’s it. You have decided to put your things into storage and start traveling. But before the fun begins, there’s the competency tests, the certifications, the medical document submissions, and licensing, etc. that must be completed. I am Mona, USSI’s Nurse Advocate. I  know that you want to get through this tedious process quickly and efficiently, hence I am presenting you with a series of free instructional videos, tips, and study guides to help guide you through it all.

Want to know more about me? Read Free License Service – Introducing Nurse Advocate Mona.

To begin with, we’ll tackle the subject of test taking. I’ve been helping RNs pass their competency tests successfully for over 20 years, during which I’ve accumulated many useful tips to better cope with the stress and anxiety that comes with test taking.

Here’s 10 tips to pass the test:

  1. Never take tests while you’re working a shift or while you’re on the hospital floor.
  2. Always take tests on your laptop or PC, not an I-Pad or cell phone.
  3. Never take tests when you’re sleep deprived or when you just got home from a long shift.
  4. Take time out to sift through some study guides and/or books on the subject matter beforehand.
  5. Read all test questions carefully. Some questions are worded like “trick questions”.
  6. Remember to relax.

To help you prepare for your tests, Mona has put together a helpful E-Book. Click here to download the Pharmacology/Medication test Study Guide for all RNs for free.

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