A few months ago I started wondering what my next #NurseKelley move was going to be. I wanted to do something that, well, meant something. I knew I wanted to get back to bedside nursing as quickly as possible and my speaking engagement days were far from over, but I wanted a larger outlet for my passion of advocacy. I wasn’t about to let the appreciation and respect for nursing that has been achieved over the past year lose momentum. When it comes to the nursing profession, I will always feel as though I am being counted on.

Fast forward to the day that I met David and Zia from United Staffing Solutions, Inc. Beforehand, I didn’t think much of our dinner meeting. I meet with a lot of nursing representatives and our meetings typically result in a few appearances or a long distance commitment of some sort. It felt like I was heading into a typical meeting with the usual suspects. Boy, was I wrong. We weren’t there to discuss anything short of a lasting partnership centered around all of us giving back to nursing. We went back and forth for a few months outlining what a position with USSI would look like for me and ultimately, what it would look like for nursing, before officially signing on in August.

Joining the USSI team as their Brand Ambassador was an easy decision, but one that meant changing everything about the life I had lived as Miss Colorado. I soon realized that to do this job appropriately it would mean moving to Los Angeles, California to be actively involved in the USSI staff and organization. Joining USSI gave me everything I was hoping for out of my professional life. I could continue to nurse through their travel opportunities and advocate for the profession through my Brand Ambassador position. Their belief in the #NurseKelley mission also meant that I could continue to do television, radio, speaking engagements, and modeling elsewhere to increase exposure and awareness.

I have sifted through many partnership opportunities offered to the #NurseKelley team and none come close to working with USSI. You see, I worked really hard to maintain a reputation for nursing that embodies authenticity and demands respect as Miss Colorado. Nursing is a profession of strength and intelligence that should be handled with care. To put it simply, USSI agrees. They operate off of Honesty, Integrity and Transparency with their nurses and employees. They stand for kindness, fairness and opportunity. They don’t believe in undercutting or taking advantage of those who may not understand. They value what nurses do and treat them the way they deserved to be treated working day in and day out to protect them and give them everything they need to be successful. I believe in their sincerity, and I want to stand with them in recruiting incredible travel nurses to join our family.

So, why did I join USSI? It very simply boils down to our core: nurses will never be “just nurses” here.

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